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Our one-on-one tutoring model sets us apart from other after-school and Adult Basic Education programs in the area. Students have varied abilities and different styles of learning; through individualized instruction, we are able to adapt to individual needs using all resources available. 

For years, Learning Center tutors have relied on texts and workbook series, such as the Laubach Way to Reading series or Citizenship Passing the Test: Civics and Literacy, to help low literacy learners achieve reading success and pass their civics exam to become American citizens. These resources are a necessary component of our instruction, but the price can be prohibitive to our students.

When you give to Good Counsel Learning Center, you are providing students with affordable learning materials adapted to their individual needs by our creative and flexible teachers.


Wish List

Reading Workbook


Citizenship Workbook


Basic Oxford

Picture Dictionary



Seating Options

$50 / $100

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