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The best reasons to give are the personal ones; the reasons that mean the most to you. Giving from your heart can bring personal fulfilment to you and can change the world for those receiving your gift. By giving back in a meaningful way, your desire to create a better present and future in our communities can offer a true sense of accomplishment. We have many ways to help you make an impact that aligns with your values.

For more information, contact our Development Director

at 507-389-4235 or

Your support enables us to continue empowering marginalized and vulnerable members of the community through education. Donations pay for student scholarships, manipulatives for hands-on learning, classroom accommodations and modifications, professional development for staff, and educational technology such as digital subscriptions and computer software

We accept gifts of

  • cash and memorials;

  • property, securities, and other appreciated assets;

  • bequests or testamentary trusts;

  • charitable gift annuities with a return for the remainder of the donor's life;

  • unitrusts, charitable remainder trusts; and

  • life insurance designations.

Now, more than ever, it's important to support equality and justice through education.

- Eric Brandt, recent donor

a Student

Provide students access to one-on-one instruction with an experienced and compassionate educator.

Technology and 

Distance Learning

Support students and tutors  as they move to a distance learning format due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Empower staff to boost student outcomes by developing their skills through continuing education.

Wish List

Provide students with affordable learning materials adapted to their individual needs.

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