Refugee Outreach Program

Changing Lives . . . One Woman at a Time

The Refugee Outreach Program, an extension of Good Counsel Learning Center, was initiated in 2012 by Sister Elise Silvestri. Volunteer tutors provide in-home English language and practical living skills to refugee women unable to attend classes due to lack of transportation or care of family members. Most of the language learners being served by the Refugee Outreach Program are Ethiopian, Somali, and South Sudanese.

In 2020, Cimarron Burt took over the program. As the Refugee Outreach Program Coordinator, Cimarron recruits, schedules, and trains tutors, in addition to teaching in Good Counsel Learning Center.

There is always a need for volunteers, especially as tutors with previous teaching experience are becoming more scarce. Fortunately, college students from Minnesota State University - Mankato, Bethany Lutheran, and South Central College have begun to show interest in volunteering with the program.

Volunteer with Us!
For more information call 507-389-4260
or apply through Great Mankato Area United Way.

Our Vision: provide refugee women with enough English language skills to participate fully in their family life and in the social, economic and civic life of the Mankato community.