Donors Wanted

We are searching for donors that want to get something done that matches their passions and interests. This is not an annual thing. It is an everyday, every week, every month, every year thing. It is a lifelong passion. It does not have time boundaries either short or long. It is about addressing the need that makes them feel that they have made the world a better place.

Technical Assistance

Many tax related donation issues are very complex and require specialized attention. Lawyers and tax experts are at our disposal to assist you to devise the best way to make a donation that makes sense for you. Whether it is a specific trust or a title deed, we have an expert to help you.

Support Solutions

Set up a Donor Advised Fund

Create a Legacy Gift in your Will

Donate  your Car, Truck or Boat

Avoid Capital Gains by Giving Shares of Stock

Or Truckloads of Grain

Donate Land, Royalties and passive income streams

We accept donations in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Where Your Donation Can Go

Many donors wish to benefit one specific branch of our Learning Center (for example, the Scholarship program or the Refugee Outreach program). We can tailor your gift to support the area you feel is most important.

Application Management
The Good Counsel Learning Center is now staffing a part time technology officer to help with teacher and student scheduling along with the website tools and forms, the social media pages and the updates needed to keep our approach to communications fresh.  Your donations will support our ongoing commitment to service our students, parents and donors as the needs of communication are met. Investing in computers and peripheral equipment to let teachers and their students get further towards their goals of education.
Scholarship Fund
Many of the students can’t afford the tuition of the Learning Center. Although the $25 per instructional hour is below most tutor fees charged by other companies, circumstances that have put students behind in their studies often start with being poor and having a lack of resources. So, we have set up a special fund to give those who need it the most, a resource that they can count on for help paying for their class time.
Sponsor a Child Student
For as little as $50 dollars a month you can help a student in need. You can assist them by paying for a part of their tuition. All students and families are required to pay a portion of the income towards their tuition.
Sponsor a Citizen
You can support an individual or a family on their path to lawful prospective immigrant status. The new Immigration Bill being introduced to the Federal Congress right now will help those who are here in the USA become lawful citizens.
Sponsor a Woman
When some immigrant women come to America, they likely have not been educated. Customs and laws in other countries are very harsh on education for women and there is a very high need to help immigrant and refugee women to become literate so they can contribute to their families struggle to overcome their new circumstances.